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by Mississippi Registered Agent LLC

Mississippi LLC Registration

There are three main steps to registering a Mississippi LLC: appoint a registered agent, file a Certificate of Formation with the Mississippi Secretary of State, and pay the $54 filing fee. Learn how to file your Mississippi Certificate of Formation below, or save yourself the trouble and hire us to file on your behalf.

One word before you get started…

We know there are a lot of company formation services out there advertising “$0” formation. You might look at our formation service fee and think, “No thanks, I’ll stick with the cheap guys.”

But the cheap guys aren’t actually cheap—they’ll bury you in add-ons and upsells for key services. Registered agent service alone can run you a hundred dollars or more, and these companies often up their prices after the first year. We know because we get customers switching to our service every day after being duped by “$0” advertising.

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Our LLC formation package includes state fees, a year of registered agent service, and freebies like an attorney-drafted operating agreement and other business documents.

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File Your Mississippi LLC Certificate of Formation

Here are the main steps to starting an LLC in Mississippi:

  • Submit your Mississippi LLC Certificate of Formation
  • Write a Mississippi LLC operating agreement
  • Get an EIN from the IRS
  • Submit a BOI report to FinCEN
  • Apply for Mississippi licenses
  • Open a Mississippi business bank account
  • Launch your website

We’ll walk you through filing a Mississippi LLC Certificate of Formation. That said, Mississippi has moved all their business formation filings online, and you don’t actually need to find a specific form. Instead, all businesses create an account using the same portal, select a few options and enter information about their business, and then print or submit their form, along with payment.

1. Create a Mississippi Secretary of State Online Account

  • On the login screen of the Mississippi Secretary of State portal, click “Register.”
  • Provide your name, physical and mailing address, phone number and email.
  • You’ll receive a verification email with a temporary password, which you can use to log in. You’ll then be prompted to change your password.

2. Navigate to the Certificate of Formation

  • Once logged in, you’ll see a variety of business services on the left-hand side of the page. Select “Business Filings.”
  • Select “Form a Corporation, Non-Profit, LLC, Partnership, or Business Trust.”
  • Next to “Business Type,” choose “Limited Liability Company” and select “Domestic.”

3. Provide Information for Your Mississippi LLC

  • Mississippi LLC Name
    The system will automatically tell you if the name you’ve chosen for your LLC is available. It will also prompt you to include “Limited Liability Company” or “LLC” in your name if you forget. Mississippi Statute §79-29-109 prohibits LLCs from using misleading words such as “bank,” “trust,” “insurance,” “corporation,” “partnership,” or similar words or abbreviations. Be sure to write your name exactly how you want it, including any punctuation. Some companies for example, put periods in LLC (L.L.C.) or separate the business name from the designation with a comma (John Smith’s Discount Electronics, LLC).
  • Business Email
    This is the email where you’ll receive your notification once your LLC is processed and approved, along with any future email notifications from the state.
  • Effective Date
    This is the date when your Mississippi LLC will begin its existence. You can select a future date within 90 days. If you don’t select a date, the effective date will be the date the filing submission is approved.
  • NAICS Code
    A North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is a six-digit number that classifies business activity. For example, 311111 is the NAICS code for Dog and Cat Food Manufacturing. You can click “Search for NAICS Codes” in the portal or visit the NAICS website. Select the code that best matches what your business does.
  • Registered Agent
    A Mississippi registered agent accepts service of process and official notifications for your LLC. Mississippi LLCs are required to appoint and maintain a registered agent. In the portal, you have the option to add a name and address or to click “Find Commercial Registered Agents.” Mississippi Registered Agent LLC is a commercial registered agent service, and we provide expert registered agent service every day. Our service has several key benefits:

Address Security: The Mississippi LLC Certificate of Formation is a public document. When you use our address, you keep yours private—and avoid all the spam that comes with a public address.
Availability: You’re busy running your business, not waiting around for a legal notice or court summons. We make sure you never miss an important document.
Speed: We scan documents daily, ensuring you get your documents ASAP.
Affordability: Our registered agent service is just $49 a year, with renewals always at the same low price.

  • Incorporator
    An incorporator is the person you authorize to file and form your LLC. In the signature section, you’re required to list at least one incorporator, along with their address. You must select the incorporator’s title from a drop-down box. For LLCs, the choices for incorporator are member, manager, or organizer. In this case, an organizer is someone who is neither a member or manager. If you sign up for our formation service package, we will be your organizer.

4. Submit Your Certificate of Formation

Once you’ve provided your LLC’s information, you’ll have the option to either submit and pay online or to print your Certificate of Formation and mail it along with the filing fee.

  • Submit and Pay Online

Processing time: Immediate. Your approved Certificate of Formation will be emailed to you and will include your Mississippi LLC’s Business ID Number.
– Filing fee: $50, payable by eCheck, ACH account (bank payment) or credit card.

For online filings, there is also a convenience fee. The exact amount of the convenience fee varies (the fees are based on a variety of factors such as bank interchange rates), but it’s typically less than $5.

  • Print and Mail

Processing time: Average of 3-5 business days.
Filing fee: $50, payable by check or money order.

Sound like a lot of work? Hire us for a hassle-free formation!

Why Us?


We do more than just file your Certificate of Formation. Our formation services provide everything you need for your new LLC—from registered agent service to custom organization documents—all at a great price.

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  • Instant Access to Services Through Our Secure Online Portal
  • Instant online Mississippi business presence
  • Expert Customer Service Support
  • Electronic Delivery of Your Documents
  • Annual Report Reminders and Compliance Notifications
  • Custom Operating Agreement, Initial Resolutions, and Membership Certificates
  • Optional DBA Registration Inside Your Online Account with our Trade Name Service for Just $125 plus state fees



Our Business Formation Service Fee


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Mississippi State Filing Fees




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When you hire us to complete your Mississippi LLC registration, we also give you an entire Mississippi business presence on the spot. This is the platform for launching your company’s online presence on the spot: one year free of your own web domain, along with 90 days free of your own customizable website, business email linked to your unique domain, security for your website with SSL, and a Mississippi phone number.

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FAQ for Mississippi LLCs

Do I Need a Mississippi LLC Operating Agreement?

Mississippi doesn’t require LLCs to have a written operating agreement, but they’re useful documents. Operating agreements define the regulations and procedures for your LLC. For example, your operating agreement might designate the rights and responsibilities of members and managers or how disbursements will be made. Clearly defining how your LLC runs can save you from headaches down the road if there are membership disputes.

As part of our formation services, we provide a free, custom operating agreement for your Mississippi LLC!

Does My Mississippi LLC Need an EIN?

Maybe. An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a federal tax ID issued by the IRS. EINs are necessary for specific tax filings, and are required if your business:

  • Has employees
  • Files Employment, Excise, or Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms returns
  • Withholds taxes on income (other than wages) paid to a non-resident alien
  • Has a Keogh plan
  • Is involved in a trust, estate, real estate mortgage investment conduit, non-profit organization, farmer co-op, or is a plan administrator

EINs are also often requested by banks when opening a business bank account. The IRS issues EINs at no cost, but if you’d like to skip the application process, you can add EIN service to any formation order for $50.

What Mississippi LLC Licenses Do I Need?

Mississippi doesn’t have a general business license, but does require licenses, registrations and certifications for specific professions and business activities. For example, if your business engages in sales, you’ll likely need a Mississippi Seller’s Certificate, available from the Mississippi Department of Revenue. Or, if your LLC has employees, you’ll need to register for unemployment insurance with the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

On the Mississippi Secretary of State website Mississippi Boss, you can answer a few questions about your business and learn what licenses, registrations and certifications your business will most likely need.

What is the Mississippi Annual Report?

The Mississippi Annual Report is a document submitted each year to the Mississippi Secretary of State with your LLC’s current information, such as members and registered agent. You’ll also need the NAICS code you submitted with your Certificate of Formation and your LLC Business ID number, which is on your approved copy of the Certificate of Formation. You can also look up your LLC Business ID on the Secretary of State’s Business Search page.

When is the Mississippi Annual Report due?
April 15th each year. You can file between January 1st and April 15th.

How do I file?
All reports must be filed online, using the Mississippi Secretary of State portal (the same portal used to file your Certificate of Formation).

How much is the filing fee?
$0. Mississippi does not charge a filing fee for LLC Annual Reports.

Benefits of a Mississippi LLC

  • Fewer Taxes: Mississippi corporations are subject to both corporate income tax AND a corporate franchise tax, neither of which are required for standard LLCs.
  • Low-Cost Maintenance: Unlike a Mississippi corporation, LLCs pay no filing fee for their mandatory annual reports.
  • Simple Management: LLCs aren’t required to have directors, officers, or annual meetings. With fewer formal requirements, LLCs can make decisions and changes faster and more easily.

Ready to form your Mississippi LLC? We have you covered with our comprehensive formation service package. With custom documents, same-day formation filing, and a year of registered agent service, we make it easy to start your business today!